Product FAQ

Find out Which Gear is Right for Your Training Program

What is the difference between the XP and WDS?

Both the RedMan XP and WDS training suits are designed to accept the same high level impact, and give the same blunt trauma protection. The WDS training suits have added protection with a different designed head and throat guard, and nylon mesh to offer the WDS suit the protection needed when using less than lethal training projectiles or Marking Cartridges. The RedMan XP is for blunt trauma protection and the RedMan WDS combines blunt trauma protection and the use of less than lethal training projectiles.

Do I have to wear safety goggles or a mouthpiece when wearing the RedMan Instructor or Student Suits?

Yes, when wearing all RedMan Head gear we strongly recommend the user wear safety goggles to protect their eyes, and a mouthpiece to protect their teeth in the event of injuries that may be sustained from head trauma contact.

Is there a CD or other instructional aids for using the RedMan Gear I can have access to?

Yes, we have an instructional CD to help you with identifying the RedMan parts and basic information of wearing, cleaning and repairing our RedMan gear. E-mail us for more information. You can also view Use and Care videos in our Video Library.

Redman Use

How portable is it?

If you purchase the RedMan Training Gear bag with your equipment, it is very easy to transport. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to nestle the gear to fit in the bag. You may use other bags, but this may present a problem for storage and fitting the RedMan equipment properly.To view the step-by-step guide click here.

I own RedMan Training Gear, do I have to go through a RedMan class before I buy and use the RedMan gear?

Though it is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended you attend a training program to enhance the safety of your officers and instructor conducting the training.

Redman Benefits

How does your gear compare with other suits on the market? The benefits are many:

  • We are the only gear on the market today that is quickly and easily cleaned, spray disinfected and dried after each user. This saves on training time.
  • Used according to instructions, RedMan keeps officers safer from blunt trauma and from blood-borne (HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis) and other pathogens.
  • RedMan incorporates a modular design to allow for multiple various training scenario exercises.
  • RedMan Training Gear is sized to fit a wide variety of students.
  • RedMan training and duty gear is the only protective gear that may be worn in every situation you may be training in, from standing to ground, from the gym to the streets, from normal everyday environments to training in the water, and much more!

Redman Sizing

How does sizing work?

Click here to see our sizing charts. When choosing sizes, you'll want to select Head Gear and Body Guard sizes; the Body Guard size automatically determines the sizing for all the other components. Our RedMan sales team can assist you. The Velcro® strapping system and contoured design give you the flexibility to fit the same gear on many body types. It should be correctly sized, positioned and strapped on snugly to minimize shifting and possible related injuries. The RedMan modular system allows you to mix and match our gear not just for training but in sizing as well.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Is the gear easy to clean?

Absolutely. RedMan is the only training gear on the market that is made of closed-cell foam and is easily cleaned and disinfected. No one wants to share sweat, blood and germs! This is extremely important in the age of AIDS, Hepatitis, and other body fungi diseases!

Can you decontaminate RedMan Training Gear?

Yes, our closed cell foam and protective coverings allow you to use non oil-based soap, that can be wiped clean or allowed to air dry, ensuring you avoid direct contact with sun light. To purchase Disinfectant Cleaner from RedMan click here.

Can it be washed?

RedMan Training Gear can be washed with warm soapy water and drip dried but is readily cleaned and disinfected between users during training sessions by thoroughly spraying it with RedMan's natural spray disinfectant (SaniZide® Plus) or with a fresh, mild bleach solution (1/4 cup bleach per gallon of water). Leave the gear wet for 10 minutes for broad-spectrum disinfecting. If bleach is used, wipe away any residue.

If any blood or other body substances are present, pre-clean the gear first using Standard Precautions, combining Body Substance Isolation and Universal Precautions (including the use of appropriate cleaning gloves, the isolation of substances, proper disposal of contaminated items, etc.) as defined by OSHA and the CDC. See product guide for more information on cleaning and disinfecting.

Can RedMan Training Gear be repaired?

Yes, there is a repair kit for all RedMan Training Gear (Instructor and Student). Instructions for using the repair kit are included. You can learn more about reparing your gear by watching the RedMan Use and Care Video.

How do I order Spare Parts or send RedMan equipment back for repair?

You can order Replacement Parts by calling the RedMan Training Gear Sales office at 800-865-7840. You can also find the replacement parts here.

My RedMan Repair Kit didn't come with adhesive, what should I do?

Depending on your area of residence, you may not receive adhesive with your RedMan Repair Kit. If that is the case you can substitute it with any multipurpose heavy duty adhesive glue.